bower-config Build Status

The Bower config reader and writer.
The config spec can be read here.



Loads the bower configuration from the configuration files.


Returns a configuration value by key.
Keys with dots are supported to access deep values.

.set(key, value)

Sets a configuration value for key.
Keys with dots are supported to set deep values.


Removes configuration named key.
Keys with dots are supported to delete deep keys.

.save(where, callback)

Saves changes to where.
The where argument can be a path to a configuration file or:

  • local to save it in the configured current working directory (defaulting to process.cwd)
  • user to save it in the configuration file located in the home directory


Returns a deep copy of the underlying configuration object.
The returned configuration is normalised.
The object keys will be camelCase.


Obtains a instance where cwd is the current working directory (defaults to process.cwd);

var config = require('bower-config').create();
// You can also specify a working directory
var config2 = require('bower-config').create('./some/path');


Alias for:

var configObject = (new Config(cwd)).load().toJson();


Returns a new normalised config object based on config.
Object keys will be converted to camelCase.


Released under the MIT License.