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Easily load and persist config without having to think about where and how.

Config is stored in a YAML file to make it simple for users to edit the config directly themselves. The file is located in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME or ~/.config. Eg: ~/.config/configstore/id-of-your-choosing.yml

Example usage

var Configstore = require('configstore');
var packageName = require('./package').name;

// Init a Configstore instance with an unique ID eg. package name
// and optionally some default values
var conf = new Configstore(packageName, { foo: 'bar' });

conf.set('awesome', true);
console.log(conf.get('awesome'));  // true
console.log(conf.get('foo'));      // bar

console.log(conf.get('awesome'));  // undefined



.set(key, val)

Set an item


Get an item


Delete an item



Get all items as an object or replace the current config with an object:

conf.all = {
    hello: 'world'


Get the item count


Get the path to the config file. Can be used to show the user where the config file is located or even better open it for them.


BSD license
Copyright Google