Goes through all directories starting from the specified base-directory, extracting out all files with the specified extensions. These files are then copied to the specified output directory for further use.

Originally built so I could recurse through all libraries in my node_modules, extracting the files for converting to README.html so I would have a more user-friendly version to browse.


copy-all-md --input <folder-to-traverse> --output <folder-to-store-the-results> --extension <extensions-to-keep>



Name of the input directory to travers.

Default input folder: input.


Name of the output folder to place the resulting copied files in. The path structure is preserved.

Default output folder: output.


List of file extensions to keep. Files with extensions not matching these extensions will be ignored. By default, all files are copied so this is a good way to narrow it down. Especially for the case wheere you have a million different files. For example, to only include md and html files, you would use

copy-all-md --extension ['.md', '.html']

Default extension value(s): all files