Sendmail alternative to send e-mails directly to recipients without a relaying service.

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Require directmail object

var createDirectmail = require("directmail"),
    directmail = createDirectmail(options);


  • options is an optional options object with the following properties
    • debug - if set to true, prints all traffic to console
    • name - hostname to be used when introducing the client to the MX server

Send mail

Push a message to the outgoing queue

    from: "",
    recipients: ["", ""],
    message: "Subject: test\r\n\r\nHello world!"


  • from (string) is the e-mail address of the sender
  • recipients (array) is an array of recipient e-mails. Put all to, cc and bcc addresses here.
  • message (string|buffer) is the RFC2822 message to be sent

Check queue length

You can check the count of unsent messages from the .length property of the directmail object

console.log(directmail.length); // nr of messages to be sent

If you try to send a message with multiple recipients then every unique recipient domain counts as a different message.


Directmail is very inefficient as it queues all e-mails to be sent into memory. Additionally, if a message is not yet sent and the process is closed, all data about queued messages are lost. Thus directmail is only suitable for low throughput systems, like password remainders and such, where the message can be processed immediatelly. Directmail is not suitable for spamming.

While not being 100% reliable (remember - if process exits, entire queue is lost), directmail can still handle sending errors, graylisting and such. If a message can not be sent, it is requeued and retried later.