Opinionated ExpressJS Boilerplate

A good way to start your NodeJS project. Additional flavours available under different branches. Read this awesome blog post that covers what's inside.

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Downloading and updating

It's easier to keep your project up to date if you do the following:

git remote add parent git@github.com:suprMax/express-boilerplate.git

and then you can just:

git pull parent master && git push


  1. Install node:

    brew install node

  2. Install dependencies:

    sudo npm install -g coffee-script nodemon forever bower grunt-cli && cake install

  3. Edit your hosts (optional):

    vim /private/etc/hosts

    add at the bottom express.dev

  4. Start server:

    cake dev

    and navigate your browser to http://express.dev:3000/ or http://localhost:3000/

  5. ???


Vendor dependencies management:

cake install

Assets management:

You shouldn't normally care about that, as Cake takes care of it for you.

Compile assets for production:

grunt build

Just clean up previously created mess:

grunt clean

Build assets for development once


Watch for assets changes

grunt watch


Make sure you have Cakefile configuration updated, otherwise it won't work.

cake deploy

Just push changes to the server without restarting and recompiling:

cake push