Encapsulated commands for managing users in flatiron CLI apps


At its core flatiron-cli-users is a broadway-compatible plugin which can be used by any flatiron application:

  var flatiron = require('flatiron'),
      app = flatiron.app;

  // Configure the Application to be a CLI app with
  // a JSON configuration file test-config.json
  app.name = 'app.js';
  app.config.file({ file: 'test-config.json' });
  app.use(flatiron.plugins.cli, {
    usage: 'A simple CLI app using flatiron-cli-users'

  // Expose CLI commands using flatiron-cli-users

  if (!module.parent) {
    // Start the application

If you run the above script:

  $ node app.js users create

The output will be:

  help:   To signup, first you will need to provide a username
  prompt: username: foobar
  help:   Next, we will require your email address
  prompt: email: email@test.com
  help:   Finally, we will need a password for this account
  prompt: password: 
  prompt: confirm password: 
  info:   You account is now being created
  info:   Account creation successful!

And the contents of test-config.json will have the specified user information.

API Documentation

Expected API endpoints

This flatiron plugin expects an API endpoint to be present on the application through app.users. You may implement this API endpoint however you wish. We would suggest using resourceful and director, but you are free to use express or other node.js frameworks.

app.users.auth(function (err, result))

Responds with a valid indicating if the current user is authenticated.

app.users.availabile(username, function (err, result))

Responds with a valid indicating if the desired username is available.

app.users.create(user, function (err, result))

Creates a user with the specified properties.

app.users.update(username, props, function (err, result))

Updates the user with username with specified props.

app.users.forgot(username, props, function (err, result))

Attempts to reset the password for the username with the specified props

Commands exposed

  $ node examples/app.js help users
  help:   app.js users * commands allow you to work with new
  help:   or existing user accounts.
help: app.js users available <username> help: app.js users changepassword help: app.js users confirm <username> <inviteCode> help: app.js users create help: app.js users forgot <username> <shake> help: app.js users login help: app.js users logout help: app.js users whoami help:
help: You will be prompted for additional user information help: as required.


    // Set of functions which will execute after named commands: create, login, logout, etc.
    after: { login: function () { ... } },

    // Set of functions which will execute before named commands: create, login, logout, etc.
    before: { login: function () { ... } }


Installing npm (node package manager)

  $ curl http://npmjs.org/install.sh | sh

Installing flatiron-cli-users

  $ [sudo] npm install flatiron-cli-users

Run Tests

Tests are written in vows and give complete coverage of all APIs and storage engines.

  $ npm test

Author: Charlie Robbins

License: MIT