Lo-Dash v0.9.2

A utility library delivering consistency, customization, performance, & extras.


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Lo-Dash has been tested in at least Chrome 5~23, Firefox 1~16, IE 6-10, Opera 9.25-12, Safari 3-6, Node.js 0.4.8-0.8.14, Narwhal 0.3.2, RingoJS 0.8, and Rhino 1.7RC5.

Installation and usage

In browsers:

<script src="lodash.js"></script>

Using npm:

npm install lodash

npm install -g lodash
npm link lodash

In Node.js and RingoJS v0.8.0+:

var _ = require('lodash');

Note: If Lo-Dash is installed globally, run npm link lodash in your project’s root directory before requiring it.

In RingoJS v0.7.0-:

var  = require('lodash').;

In Rhino:


In an AMD loader like RequireJS:

  'paths': {
    'underscore': 'path/to/lodash'
['underscore'], function() {

Resolved Underscore.js issues

  • Allow iteration of objects with a length property [#799, test]
  • Fix cross-browser object iteration bugs [#60, #376, test]
  • Methods should work on pages with incorrectly shimmed native methods [#7, #742, test]
  • _.isEmpty should support jQuery/MooTools DOM query collections [#690, test]
  • _.isObject should avoid V8 bug #2291 [#605, test]
  • _.keys should work with arguments objects cross-browser [#396, test]
  • _.range should coerce arguments to numbers [#634, #683, test]

Release Notes


  • Added fromIndex argument to _.contains
  • Added moduleId build option
  • Added Closure Compiler “simple” optimizations to the build process
  • Added support for strings in _.max and _.min
  • Added support for ES6 template delimiters to _.template
  • Ensured re-minification of Lo-Dash by third parties avoids Closure Compiler bugs
  • Optimized _.every, _.find, _.some, and _.uniq

The full changelog is available here.


Lo-Dash is part of the BestieJS “Best in Class” module collection. This means we promote solid browser/environment support, ES5 precedents, unit testing, and plenty of documentation.


John-David Dalton


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